Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting An Architecture Degree

So, the end of third year is looming, and I’m looking forward to starting a job with my field, ready for a life of working from 9-5… or am I? Being an architecture student, the end of third year hardly means anything. Yes, you’re about to go out into the world and get a job, … More Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting An Architecture Degree

Moroccan Sausage Stew

Recently I’ve been welcoming the sunny days that are signifying summer is just around the corner. With that in mind I’ve been making a stew mixed with couscous for a summery twist. The stew is both warming and uplifting, and feels healthier than the usual potato filled meals I usually eat. Ingredients: 8 pack of … More Moroccan Sausage Stew

Easter Treat

When the word Easter comes to mind the first thing I associate with it is chocolate. Yes, it’s probably quite childish but, hey, I’m a little kid at heart. Easter isn’t so much about religion for me as it is for stuffing my face with good food and chocolate, and I’m not ashamed to admit … More Easter Treat

Travel: Dubai

Ever since I first visited Dubai I knew it would always hold a place in my heart. I will be forever grateful to my aunt and uncle for moving out there and giving us a reason to visit this beautiful city back when I was around 12 years old. I must first mention how incredibly … More Travel: Dubai