Upcycled Mirror

I have some exciting news, I’ve got a job! This summer I graduated from university, turned 21, went through 3 interviews with the same company to finally land a job that seems like it’ll be really good for me. So I’m finally moving out of my parents home and into a new house. This sounds … More Upcycled Mirror


(picture courtesy of the coolcamping.com) I’m writing this mostly as a documented reminder to myself to pursue this dream I have of buying, renovating and selling/renting houses. Through the years I have had many different ideas as to how this would be achieved, starting with the terrible idea of studying architecture with many other ideas … More Renovating

Present Wrapping

Okay, so I would take first place for the worst present wrapper any day. I’m awful at it, I can never get the paper to fold right and there are always air pockets. It just makes the present look so bad. I’ve spent years making my mum wrap presents for friends, just so I didn’t … More Present Wrapping