DIY (sort of) Graduation Gift

Recently I’ve been looking around for a cute personalised graduation gift for my boyfriend. I always find the use of lego characters quite cute, especially for guys who grew up playing with lego, and I found quite a lot of different lego graduate themed personalised gifts. There were a lot of nice framed pieces but none of them were quite right, and they all seemed a bit expensive for something I wasn’t too sure about. So, I decided to fashion my own frame.

I found the basic lego character to look a bit childish for a graduation gift, so I took to Etsy to find a cute handmade version, coming across adorable little concrete figures that you could buy in a variety of colours. I thought this was much more fitting for a nice present, not to mention it being in keeping with new design trends.



However, the lego character on it’s own was enough for this type of present – a graduate must have a hat and a gown. So, my next stop was Amazon. Strangely enough finding these standalone products without the lego man was really simple, and the cost of my concrete figure plus these extra items was equal to buying a normal lego graduate mini figure. I was very happy to say the least.



Finally, it would be slightly weird to just have this on it’s own, so I needed a frame. Wilko is the easiest and cheapest place to go in the UK for a good frame. I wanted something plain and small, so I went for a simple white frame that would detract from the content.



Now all I needed was a decent piece of card, some strong glue, and a printer to print off a little congratulations message with my boyfriend’s name, his course and graduation date. I glued the hat on the top of the lego man’s head, put on the gown, and glued the man to the piece of card. And voila, a cute little graduation gift!

P.S. as this post is coming out I will actually be at the graduation celebrating, I can’t wait!


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