10 Reasons Why I Am An Old Soul

  1. I’m a morning person. I may not always like getting up out of my bed in the mornings but once I’m up I’m always in a great mood and ready to start the day
  2. I hardly ever stay awake past 12. This is related to waking up early in the mornings. Whereas most people my age stay up until 2/3 in the morning easily I find it so difficult to stay up late. My body is not compatible with being up past midnight.
  3. I hate clubs. I must have skipped the clubbing stag and gone straight to the 30-year-old drinking at bars stage. Clubs just aren’t my thing. They are too loud, I hate dancing, and I’d rather sit with a drink and talk to someone than try to shout over the music.
  4. I don’t get drunk. I’ve been drunk once. NEVER AGAIN. Honestly, never. It was a bad experience. I like drinking alcohol for the taste, not to get wasted.
  5. I like sewing. As a child, I grew up being taught to cross-stitch by my mum and my grandma, and I actually find it really relaxing. I try to sew in my down time on occasion just to get away from a screen.
  6. My parent’s lifestyle is interesting to me. When I was younger I used to never want to be like my parents, but now I really like what they do and the hobbies they have.
  7. I love old bars and cocktails. Recently I’ve gotten into old fashioned gin and tonics and I have no shame. They are amazing. There’s nothing I love more than going to my favourite bar in the city and sitting down with a gin and tonic.
  8. Afternoon tea sounds like a perfect part of a day out. Gone are the days where I’d go to KFC for a lunchtime snack. The thought of going to a foodhall in a shopping centre to buy lunch really doesn’t appeal to me like it used to. I’d much rather go to a nice restaurant and be served by someone.
  9. I like the finer things in life. When it comes to hotels and places to go on holiday I’m a bit of a snob. To be honest, it was the way I was brought up, so I can’t understand how people go on cheap lads holidays to somewhere in Spain without caring where they stay. It’s definitely not for me, but if you like it great, you’ll get a cheaper holiday than me.
  10. And finally, Christmas is no longer about presents. Honestly I really don’t care about receiving presents from my family. Obviously it’s nice if I get something, but it’s not a major part of Christmas. We wait until 5/6 in the evening to open the couple of presents we each receive and that is more than enough for me. It’s more about spending time with my family now that I’m away from them most of the time.

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