Surround Yourself With The Things You Love

I am a firm believer of doing what makes you happy in life. If you decide you want your life to go in a different direction, and want to pursue a different dream, you should definitely go ahead and do that. Don’t let anything stop you. Currently, I’m surrounded by people who want to pursue a career in architecture, and I have lectures on how to tailor my CV for architecture firms, but that’s not what I want to do. And that’s okay, I’m allowed to want that for myself. I shouldn’t have to pursue something because someone is forcing me.

So currently, I am surrounding myself with the things in life that are my passions: art, books, plants, design. Books and art always fill me with joy. It’s hard to describe the emotions I feel when I am immersed in a fictional book about someone else’s life and thoughts. I always love to have unread books around me, so I know once I’ve finished the current story I’m reading, I can move straight on to the next one. Artistic books are also a huge love of mine. I love buying aesthetic books to flick through in my down time, anything from photographs of landscapes to home interiors just makes me happy. Soft muted grey tones with furry cushions and rugs, prints of quotes on the wall, and hints of industrial steel or copper in a room are all the things I would love to have when I move into a house. But for now I will have to settle for looking a those beautiful interiors in books.

As I have stated in a previous post, I love plants. There’s just something about seeing a vibrant living organism in a space that makes everything feel uplifted. Plants in a room help connect the inside with the outside, which is so important. Living in a city myself, it can be hard to find green spaces, so having a little sanctuary of my own filled with plants is very important to me. They are also an easy way to insert colour into a bland room. Splashes of green in a relatively plain room can instantly add vibrancy.

Art, posters and prints are another huge love of mine at the moment. I’ve been taken in by many of the expensive prints available on the market at the moment. Inspirational quotes, city skylines, and prints mixed with landscapes and animals are some of my favourite designs at the moment. I am beginning to explore ways of how to design my own prints, using photographs of mine, and creating prints with a newly purchased calligraphy pen; but I am by no means good. I will definitely leave that to the professional artists who create beautiful prints.

Finally, and possibly most obviously, I am striving to surround myself with the people I love. My family, my boyfriend (yes I know you are reading this right now, hi, I love you) and my friends are really important to me, and I believe they have all influenced who I am as a person today, and for that I will be forever grateful. To whoever is reading this, I really hope that you will try to make an effort to do the same as me, and I promise that you will be happier in your life.


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