Upcycled Mirror

I have some exciting news, I’ve got a job! This summer I graduated from university, turned 21, went through 3 interviews with the same company to finally land a job that seems like it’ll be really good for me. So I’m finally moving out of my parents home and into a new house. This sounds … More Upcycled Mirror

Summer Favourites

This summer has been kind of hectic, hence the erratic posts. Finishing university, moving out of my flat in Manchester and trying to look for a job all whilst trying to enjoy what is possibly my last free summer. I turned 21 this August and was fortunate enough to buy some of the things I’ve … More Summer Favourites


BROWNIES! (can you tell I’m excited about this one?) I make brownies for every occasion. Birthday’s, Christmas, BBQs, parties, and every other thing you can image. Honestly, I can’t image a better thing to make for a big group of people. Everyone who has tried these brownies have claimed them to be the best brownies … More Brownies

Blog Update

Hi guys, Sorry for not posting for the past two weeks. Life seems to have gotten in the way a bit. Regular posts will be returning soon I promise. As always thanks for reading! Rach x

Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting An Architecture Degree

So, the end of third year is looming, and I’m looking forward to starting a job with my field, ready for a life of working from 9-5… or am I? Being an architecture student, the end of third year hardly means anything. Yes, you’re about to go out into the world and get a job, … More Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting An Architecture Degree